Can you spot yourself in the MHA awards video below?

Out of ALL of the events that we do every single year, the MHA Awards has to be THE VERY BEST AUDIENCE to perform for ever!

It was fantastic to meet so many of you at the MHA’s. If we didn’t get chance to talk, I, alongside my team, provided the full nights entertainment for the 4th year running at The MHA’s. As you may know, all of the suppliers do it for 1000% free, so we can help support our beloved hospitality industry.

You are all brilliant!

After all of the hours you guys in hospitality do, you deserve to let your hair down, it is an absolute pleasure to perform for you.

I would love to meet you for coffee to see how we could work together?

Currently, we are the preferred suppliers to a few hotels in the city now, and would love to work with you and your clients in the future at your beautiful venue.

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